A Sufi Correspondence

Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee

From Ann Mortifee, OC, Author, Performer, Songwriter and Paul Horn, Musician, Father of New Age Music

We love the cover.  We love the feeling.  We love that the time has come to share these beautiful letters. It is wonderful to see the depth of your expression as a young woman, Carol. And what an extraordinarily sensual and rich love relationship, one based in spirit, yet somehow connecting heaven to the earthly longings of the heart. The rare and perfect timing of how the beloved teacher/friend appeared at the precise moment of your greatest need, is exquisite. And to see how the power of that love held and helped heal the pain of your horrendous loss, is deeply moving to both Paul and me.  ‘Letters’ holds a gift for those who find themselves among spiritual seekers of any age, land or tradition.

I know that Shamcher would be thrilled and proud.