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This book represents an opportunity to read letters between two contemporary Sufis and the creation of understanding through dialogue. The heartfelt letters between these two unique individuals provides the opportunity to not only explore their relationship, but to gain an understanding of human existence and life.

Shamcher Beorse, Sufi, mystic, economist, engineer and friend understood and worked to expand the potential of the human being, the potential of society, and sustain the earth. Teacher is not a descriptor that I would use to describe him, friend to all and everything whether known or unknown would be my preference.

Carol Sill, Sufi, mystic, and communicator continues in the tradition of Sufi Inayat Khan and Shamcher working for humanity and the earth.

The book, Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill, 1974-1977 allows us entrance into the world of these two mystics and opens our hearts not only to their experience but ours as we intermingle with these pages.