A Sufi CorrespondenceThe letters were circulated in photocopy form many years ago, and these are a few comments from readers of that earlier version:

Intimate Spiritual FriendshipI thought the book of letters was wonderful. It showed in a way that I don’t remember seeing in print the unfolding of an intimate spiritual friendship. So direct and personal. The flowing, personal, conversational tone of the letters is, in my mind and heart, one of the main “messages” that the book conveys. – D.B.

IndescribableI have cried and laughed my way through the incredibly beautiful letters! My heart thanks you for daring to print them, for sharing your most intimate feelings and moments with the world. They are just indescribable. S.S.

Symphonic I just had to tell you how grateful I am that you published your letters with Shamcher.  They’re truly beautiful, beyond words and worlds. And the writing! The word “symphonic” rushes to mind. You’ve renewed my sense of astonishment. D.S.

A Thousand QuestionsI can say that it is probably the most profound book I have ever read. And what makes it so profound is that it is so intimate. When I first heard of it, I expected some kind of deep esoteric teaching (ie. Chant this mantra with this breathing pattern 300 times and you will attain.) Instead I get a recognition: there is nothing to learn. The book has raised a thousand questions in my mind. They come and go so fast that I can’t even write them down before they pass.  A.H.