A Sufi CorrespondenceFrom Carol Sokoloff, Author, Editor, Songwriter: Link Here to see this review on Amazon.com

The late Bryn Beorse, known by the spiritual name of Shamcher, was a most extraordinary individual, a yogi from a young age, student of mysticism initiated by Sufi Inayat Khan, a World War II hero who personally blew up Gestapo headquarters in Norway – on skis (yes, there’s a movie about that). Later in life he used his engineering background to develop Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) which, if it had not been sabotaged, would have provided the wide-spread renewable energy source we so badly need today.

During this period of his work, he also took the time to stay in touch and help the many young people attracted to the Universal Sufi philosophy of love, harmony and beauty and carried on a wide and fascinating correspondence with individuals from all walks of life – from world leaders and advisers (on the subjects of energy and economics) to young seekers on the spiritual path. Carol Sill was one of the latter. A young woman, who after losing a son, turned to sufi teachings for solace. Situated in the remote Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, she wrote a letter to find out if there might be any sufis nearby she could meet. Thus she was given the name and address of Shamcher Bryn Beorse.

This book documents a very touching relationship of spiritual friendship, told in the series of letters exchanged over the course of three years, as Shamcher revealed a world of mystical thought wrapped in everyday practicality. Anyone who ever had the privilege of receiving a letter from Shamcher knows the ecstatic joy, tremendous humour and waves of thought that accompanied them. The book unfolds a grand adventure of mystical awareness, as student and teacher find each other and share the deepest vibrations of the heart. Such a conversation is both personal and universal, and through the publication of these letters, many new seekers will have their questions answered. Highly recommended.