A Sufi CorrespondenceIt is a gift to read these inspiring letters, kept preciously in a box for several years and finally published. This correspondence reveals the moving inner journey between a young woman with a remarkable man of deep spiritual realization, a journey that would ultimately transform her life.
The correspondence unfolds as a natural and intimate conversation between Carol Sill and Shamcher, a Sufi mystic and teacher, who liked to see himself mostly as a friend to all. For the Sufis, spiritual love between teacher and student is a most sacred place, where both can taste the Divine Presence. We feel how this special love guided, nourished and fortified this young woman, and how it answered the pain of her heart as she learned to open to the wings of her soul.
With these “soul memoirs”, we can understand and feel the path of the Sufis, a path traveled in love, harmony and beauty towards truth.

Marielle Geoffroy, Educator, Artist and Therapist