A Sufi CorrespondenceFrom Julia Balter, Co-creative Movement Artist

It was extraordinarily powerful to read these letters. So much, on so many levels came flooding through. In particular, Shamcher’s views on hierarchies comes through so clearly both in and between the lines.   Likewise, the thread between his utter lack of dogma and his brilliant ability to gently and precisely say the right thing at the right time to each person.

So many memories of eternal moments with Shamcher are washing through me these past two days. I met Shamcher in 1977 or 1978 – was it really 40+ years ago?   More than anything else in my life, there really is no time here. Although my memories of those years are in general a bit vague, virtually everything he ever said to me lives in me forever.

I am so grateful to Carol Sill for writing this book. She has done a true service. I cannot really use the word “legacy” in relationship to Shamcher, because it is all an ongoing eternal moment, but I am sure her book helps to weave more of his exquisite presence into every aspect and every corner of this world.