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Comments and Reviews of LETTERS

An Expanded Love – The relationship between spiritual teacher and student is uniquely intimate and mysterious. It calls upon us to expand our limited definitions of love, lovers and the Beloved. In Carol Sill’s book “Letters”, we are invited to witness such an expanded love relationship between souls. The discourse is deeply personal and yet the wisdom transmission between teacher and student speaks to each of us and is universally accessible. Akin to the poetry of Rumi, the Shamcher letters present Sufi themes that ignite the mind and heart, without the distraction of religious dogma. Given that Carol met Shamcher in the wake of her profound personal loss, Letters is also a story of a soul’s healing journey and evolution through the gift of loving spiritual friendship. I feel deeply appreciative and ignited by Carol’s book and recommend it highly to seekers of love harmony and beauty everywhere. –  Nancy Mortifee, Author, Mindfulness/Intimacy Coach

‘Letters’ Holds a Gift – We love the cover.  We love the feeling.  We love that the time has come to share these beautiful letters.
It is wonderful to see the depth of your expression as a young woman, Carol. And what an extraordinarily sensual and rich love relationship, one based in spirit, yet somehow connecting heaven to the earthly longings of the heart. The rare and perfect timing of how the beloved teacher/friend appeared at the precise moment of your greatest need, is exquisite. And to see how the power of that love held and helped heal the pain of your horrendous loss, is deeply moving to both Paul and me.   ‘Letters’ holds a gift for those who find themselves among spiritual seekers of any age, land or tradition.
I know that Shamcher would be thrilled and proud.Ann Mortifee, OC, Author, Performer, Songwriter and Paul Horn, Musician, Father of New Age Music

Deepest vibrations of the heart – The book unfolds a grand adventure of mystical awareness, as student and teacher find each other and share the deepest vibrations of the heart. Such a conversation is both personal and universal, and through the publication of these letters, many new seekers will have their questions answered. Highly recommended.Carol Sokoloff, Author, Editor, Songwriter – For Full Review: Link Here on Amazon

Sweetness –  I am feeling such sweetness and reawakened gratitude for all of the grace pouring through those letters even today. I loved, loved your introduction where you place the letters in a historical sufi context and tradition.Valerie Keim, M.Ed., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Shamcher’s personality – This is one of the most profound student/teacher relationships you will ever read. Shamcher’s personality comes sparkling through. And Carol’s brave and loving heart as well. – Judy Evaski, Therapist and Counsellor

Soul Memoirs – It is a gift to read these inspiring letters, kept preciously in a box for several years and finally published. This correspondence reveals the moving inner journey between a young woman with a remarkable man of deep spiritual realization, a journey that would ultimately transform her life.
The correspondence unfolds as as natural and intimate conversation between Carol Sill and Shamcher, a Sufi mystic and teacher, who liked to see himself mostly as a friend to all. For the Sufis, spiritual love between teacher and student is a most sacred place, where both can taste the Divine Presence. We feel how this special love guided, nourished and fortified this young woman, and how it answered the pain of her heart as she learned to open to the wings of her soul.
With these “soul memoirs”, we can understand and feel the path of the Sufis, a path traveled in love, harmony and beauty towards truth. – Marielle Geoffroy

Two Mystics – The book, Letters: Shamcher Beorse and Carol Sill, 1974-1977 allows us entrance into the world of these two mystics and opens our hearts not only to their experience but ours as we intermingle with these pages. – Jim Dempsey – For Full Review Link Here on Amazon

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Some comments from readers of the earlier version:

Intimate Spiritual FriendshipI thought the book of letters was wonderful. It showed in a way that I don’t remember seeing in print the unfolding of an intimate spiritual friendship. So direct and personal. The flowing, personal, conversational tone of the letters is, in my mind and heart, one of the main “messages” that the book conveys. – D.B.

IndescribableI have cried and laughed my way through the incredibly beautiful letters! My heart thanks you for daring to print them, for sharing your most intimate feelings and moments with the world. They are just indescribable. S.S.

Symphonic I just had to tell you how grateful I am that you published your letters with Shamcher.  They’re truly beautiful, beyond words and worlds. And the writing! The word “symphonic” rushes to mind. You’ve renewed my sense of astonishment. D.S.

A Thousand QuestionsI can say that it is probably the most profound book I have ever read. And what makes it so profound is that it is so intimate. When I first heard of it, I expected some kind of deep esoteric teaching (ie. Chant this mantra with this breathing pattern 300 times and you will attain.) Instead I get a recognition: there is nothing to learn. The book has raised a thousand questions in my mind. They come and go so fast that I can’t even write them down before they pass.  A.H.


1 thought on “Responses”

  1. Roberta Colombin said:

    Carol Sill has been an inspiration to many, many people in her life. None more than those who watched helplessly at the challenges she and her family faced upon the sudden death of Carol’s beautiful child at the age of 7. There is no greater loss in life, in my opinion, than the loss of a child and is an experience that fells the majority of those souls who have lived it. Carol was already on her spiritual path prior to the loss of her son, as many were of those who she called friend. As it has been said and I agree Death is the great awakener. Out of the wilderness of pain came the beacon in Carol’s life which gave her and those she shared her experience with a new way to live in this world and the next. Some concerned for her safety were worried that this sudden letter writing and travelling to see her new equally sudden friend Shamcher might lead Carol into a place, where we could not connect with her sometimes known as a cult. Instead it became quickly obvious that this relationship was all part of the grand design that is Carol’s life and I am so grateful to her for sharing her experience via her publication Letters.

    Roberta Colombin